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Subject: Re: negascout and PVS?

Author: Fabien Letouzey

Date: 03:59:50 07/28/04

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On July 28, 2004 at 06:55:34, Russell Reagan wrote:

>I still don't see what is different about Bruce's approach. Every version of PVS
>that I see online or in a book looks the same as what Bruce is doing. Maybe you
>could show us exactly which part of Bruce's code is different, or modify it to
>show us how it is different?

Sorry, I can only repeast myself.

In PVS/NegaScout only the *first* (= leftmost) is searched with a full window.
This does *not* depend on the window.  If you want to implement it with a flag
like Bruce's, set the flag after the first move.

Bruce's property (his flag) depends on the window.


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