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Subject: Re: Draw Detection by Move Repetition Procedure -- Comments

Author: Rémi Coulom

Date: 11:32:28 08/01/04

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On August 01, 2004 at 14:19:21, Rémi Coulom wrote:

>So, TCB needs 357057 nodes to complete ply 12, while your programs needs
>8524217! Also note that the right move is found at depth 7, with the right

I looked more closely at your figures, and another reason for the inefficiency
of your search is probably that you search too many nodes in the quiescence
search because of checks. TCB currently searches no checks in the QS. I know
that some good engines do. It seems to be a good idea to search checks only at
the first level of the QS. That is particularly good right after the null move.
It helped passed versions of TCB to solve mate combinations faster. You probably
search way too many checks in your QS. It might be a good idea to limit them

Do you perform check extensions ? If you don't, you should.


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