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Subject: Re: Draw Detection by Move Repetition Procedure -- Comments

Author: vladan

Date: 06:05:55 08/02/04

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On August 02, 2004 at 08:11:41, Gerd Isenberg wrote:

>>The orthodox C programmers will never understand the difference between 1
>>million and 2 million positions per second :)   (or Deep Blue’s 200 millions
>Have tried your algorithm with C?
>Todays compiler are aware of lot of optimization tricks as well
>- and it becomes harder and harder to outperform them with assembly,
>specially using pure 16-bit assembly code ;-)

Of course, just a small joke.

In Axon, believe or not,  everything else except the core engine functions is
written in Delphi !

My opinion is that hybrid software architecture : Pascal or C for higher
recursive functions, PVS,null move etc. and machine language for the move
generator, evaluator, Qsearch… is the right combination.

In Axon the about 4000 lines are written in Delphi.

But all crucial speed-depended functions are enclosed in 50000 assembly lines !


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