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Subject: Re: CCC Moderators Elected!!

Author: David Jones

Date: 21:41:16 12/31/98

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On December 30, 1998 at 20:08:31, Will Singleton wrote:

>On December 30, 1998 at 17:54:06, Steven Schwartz wrote:
>>My congratulations to Peter McKenzie, Harold Faber,
>>and Will Singleton. You have been elected as the
>>three CCC moderators for the term of 6 months
>>beginning on January 1, 1999.
>>Since Peter is New Zealand, Harold is in Germany, and
>>Will is in Los Angeles, we now have the entire spectrum
>>of time zones covered.
>>The email addresses of the newly elected moderators are:
>>Peter McKenzie:
>>Harold Faber:
>>Will Singleton:
>>My thanks to all of the nominees. I, personally, think
>My sincere 'grats to the 'elected'personally only one of you dudes was on my hit list,and I'm kinda' put out,by the fact.The other 2(two)can go whistle dixie,and roll on the 6mths.when we can vote again.
                                                   Regards David Jones.>that you
all would hve done an excellent job!
>>- Steve (ICD/Your Move)
>>P.S. The final results of the voting my be found in the
>>Opinion Poll archives - just scroll to the bottom.
>Steve (and all),
>Please note that my correct email address is  The one you gave,
>Steve, was an old one from way back.
>I'm not sure I should be thankful for being elected, but thanks to all, anyway.
>In return I'd like to offer a small gift to the first person who can figure out
>what my email address means (not the aol part).  Respond by email, please.
>The gift is a book I got back in 1982, "The Soul of a New Machine" by Tracy
>Kidder.  It's about the development of a Data General computer in the 70's, and
>the survival of the company.  Any programmer would love this book, and
>non-programmers will like it, too.

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