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Subject: The Baron 1.4.0

Author: Richard Pijl

Date: 03:53:00 08/08/04

The Baron 1.4.0 is available from the Baron's Lair:
This is the version that played a match against GM Levon Aronian at the Chess
Classic Mainz last wednesday. It is similar to the Baron 1.4.0 beta 2 that
participates in several (test) tournaments.

Main changes:
* Endgame evaluation error corrections
* Several improvements in endgame knowledge
* Improved assessment of development
* Material imbalances improvements
* King safety configurable
* Sacrifices configurable
* Material values configurable
* Bugs in internal iterative deepening solved
* Several bug fixes
* Timemanagement bugs solved
* Comments in .ini file

Have fun,

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