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Subject: Re: More Bugs in Millennium Chess System

Author: Marcus Kaestner

Date: 17:05:56 01/03/99

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On January 03, 1999 at 14:51:50, Steve Maughan wrote:

>Generally I love the program.  Once all of the bugs are sorted out it will
>certainly be an excellent environment for running and testing engine as well as
>general chess analysis.  However, I have also found the following bugs:
>1 Loads of bugs when loading positions from EPD files including, missplaced
>pieces, freezing board and general eratic behaviour.  The workaround is to
>convert EPD files to ChessBase CBF files that perform faultlessly.
>2 Comes out of book even when the Opening book window shows a book move.  This
>is also prevelant in Engine Matches when one player will be in book for much
>longer than the other, even though they are using the same book.

Not right! This happens if the score of the book-line is very poor. So if the
score for white is very poor, the white-engine is forced to think on its own not
using the book. On the other side the black-engine will play the book moves,
because the score for black is very good as the opposit of the white score.

>3 Engine Matches seem to freeze a couple of moves after each is out of book.
>This was using WChess 2000 and Genius 6.  This was a big dissappointment as I
>wanted to play quite a few games to test the new WChess 2000 engine.

Yes this is a very disappointing bug, but when you leave the book and the engine
stands still, just double-click in the bottom line of the WChess analysis
window. Immediatly the game will go on autoplaying until the next game when
WChess has to calculate its first move. Then the procedure starts again.

Good luck

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