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Subject: AnMon 5.40 by Christian Barreteau is available ... long text!

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 08:16:13 08/14/04

Hi there,

Text of Arena News-Ticker:
AnMon 5.40 by Christian BARRETEAU (France) is available. The newer version are
played the French programmers tournament in Massy 2004. My clear favorite chess
engine and Arena partner program can be found on "Arena download selection"
(with or without Arena 1.08 Setup files). At the moment AnMon have ranking 18 in
ATL rating list (Arena's rating list). Information about the ATL League can be
found on Arena webpages (selection ATL League). Have fun with this great and
powerfull chess program by Christian. AnMon is in all my statistics with Gromit
by Kai Skibbe and Frank Schneider (Germany) the program with played the fewest
remis games. AnMon search the direct way in each game, like attack moves
(example in openings with white or black ... b4/b5 g4/g5 in open positions). An
really attacker and you will see fire on the board. Thats computer chess, thanks
Christian for your great engine all the years.

AnMon can be found on Arena Webpages (download selection).
You can download AnMon 5.40 alone or with the Arena UCI partner programs.

AnMon is the main inspiration for my work in the past I do for computer chess. I
like the program the playing style of this French program by Christian

Text about AnMon (older text by myself, translated by Thomas Mayer):

I really like to look back to those days I exchange eMails over eMails with
Prof. Dr. Djordje Vidanovic with infos about amateur chess-engines. So one
night, Djordje told me a story about AnMon, a totally unknown engine for me and
I get really curious. Djordje must told me every Info he has. Well, thatís long
ago and about those days I have also the bad days in mind while Djordje and his
family was in big danger because of the rumours in Serbia. So I have different
minds about those times. Before the rumours, I think it was the best time in my
life about chess, exchanging informations with Djordje. Espescially AnMon was
the program which spend me and Djordje some wonderful hours.

AnMon plays sharp tactical chess and is not easy to get oversearched. In the
last versions there was a little mistake so that AnMon plays much worser with
activated permanent brain in engine-engine contests compared with disactivated
permanent brain. AnMon strength is very near to crafty and it is for sure one of
the best winboard-engine. The pleasant and popular programmer from france has
had the last month very less time for his program because he has a hard and time
consuming task at work. Anyway he wrote me, that he knows that AnMon must be
improved in endgames. Here is the point where Christian wants to start further
improvements. I think endgame strength is often the secret why the so called
TOP-programs are still superior to the amateurs.

The biggest success in the life of AnMon (apart from the win of the france-open
in Massy 2000 ahead of Chess Tiger !) was the success over GM Joel Lautier at a
simul on four boards with longer time controls. After just 31 moves GM Joel
Lautier (FRA, 2638 ELO) must give up the game. I donít know any chess program
which defeat a GM (even on a 4 board-simul) so fast. The game is also in the
MEGA-2001 database of Chessbase (I am very happy about it).

Well, again I must think back to the times with Djordje. When there came an
eMail from Christian BARRETEAU it didnít took much time that we again was in
contact and follow our vocation. For Christian BARRETEAU chess-programming is
just a hobby and Christian allways like it when users show interest and are
working with it. This is usually the same with other programmers but I am
writing now about AnMon.

I really hope that Christian will stay with us winboarders still for a long
time, AnMon is my absolut favorit and I think it is again time to exchange
information about it with Djordje. :-))

Oh, AnMon is the subject:
The playing style is not easy to describe. Sometimes AnMon loses quite fast but
also AnMon could beat ANY TOP program after just a couple of moves. As SOS and
Socrates AnMon uses the MTD-algorithm. This search technics is not so easy to
program and many programers wrote me that the code is very hard to write and
that it is not easy to adjust the engine to the needs of MTD. Just look at
AnMonís search and the PV. On fast computers it is nearly impossible to follow
AnMon and how fast it shows different PVs.

Well, at this point Frank asks me to write something about MTD... hm, I do not
know much about it, I know only that MTD uses a very small window, allways 1 or
so... I was told that the algorithm is quite easy to understand, maybe easier
then alpha-beta, but not easy to program, maybe I will add here a little bit
more in the future ...

Once Christian Barreteau wrotes to me:
"The program AnMon (half ANgel, half deMON) is written in C and C++. And The
move generator does not use bit  boards. It was developed as a hobby for many
years. It is based on MTD() and  uses null-move pruning and uses: selective
extensions, transposition tables,  killer, quiescence search ... AnMon is a
tactical program."

One last point:
Prof. Dr. Djordje Vidanovic and of course Berthold Seifritz (earlier
Gambit-Soft) are the fathers of the amateur chess programs. Both have tried to
get amateur-chess interessting. Because of Djordje, Berthold and Christian
BARRETEAU I get interested to do something on my own with amateur-chess-engines.
Together with Volker Pittlik this was the starting point to develop many ideas
and I think I really got something in motion. So AnMon is my favorit program
from many point of views because it starts my personal interests in
amateur-chess-engines. I wish Christian Barreteau many years of fun with his
program and that he keeps on to provide many new AnMon-versions.

Written by Frank Quisinsky (Mai, 2001)
translated by  Thomas Mayer for AnMon detail page, webpage by Thomas Mayer!

AnMon is a very strong tactical chess program and my (FQ) favorite chess

1995, 3rd France-ch Clichy 1/5 points, ranking 4 of 5
1996, 4th France-ch Clichy 5/9 points, ranking 6 of 10
1997, 5th France-ch Clichy 5.5/9 points, ranking 4 of 14
1997, 15th WMCCC Paris 4.5/11 points, ranking 28 of 34
1998, 6th France-ch Clichy 7/11 points, ranking 5 of 16
1999, 7th France-ch Clichy 5/7 points, ranking 3 of 12
1999, 1st French programmers Massy 5/7 points, ranking 3 of 12
2000, 8th France-ch Massy 5.5/9 points, ranking 4 of 10
2000, 2nd French programmers Massy, Champion 5/6 points, ranking 1 of 10
2001, 3rd French programmers Massy 4/6 points, ranking 3 of 12
2002, 4th French programmers Massy 4/6 points, ranking 2 of 12
2003, 5th French programmers Massy (program Bonpo) 3/6 points, ranking 10 of 18
2004, 6th French programmers Massy 4.5/6 points, ranking 4 of 12


And now have fun with AnMon 5.40 ...
An engine you will love ... I am sure about it!


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