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Subject: Re: Moderation

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 10:47:36 08/29/04

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On August 29, 2004 at 12:42:36, Peter Skinner wrote:

Hi Peter,

>Are you trying to tell me that you have _nothing_ to apologize for from this

Yes a good message by myself.
I see no reason to say "Excusse me" :-)

>So let's go over the series of events:

>1. Paul H makes claims that ElChinto has used enough code of Crafty to be called
>a clone.

And I wait of the statement from the ELChinito team.
Not more not less.
After the statement of the ELChintio team I delete the program because the
programmers will not give the code free. I have no possibilitys after the proofs
to added this program as Arena partner program.

>2. Being that ElChinto is a "main stay" program of Arena of which you are
>heavily tied to; you come out and call Paul H a "witch hunter".

OH this seems to be a missunderstanding.
I say that I am disappointed from a lot of persons to give comments without to
know the opinion from the other site (in this case the site of ELChinito). Three
days later comes the statement by Eugenio and I read in this time a lot of bad
messages here. So I speak from "withch hunter" but I does not mean Paul Hunter.
Read my messages to Paul here. I wrote two messages to Paul.

>3. The programmer of Elchinto comes out with a public letter stating that in
>fact he has used large chunks of Crafty code, and apologizes for it.

I wrote in the own Forum as commet to this open letter the following text:


Hi there,

to say "Apologize" in an open letter is a strong point!
I got the mail from Eugenio and read it more times.

I made in the past a lot of mistake and learned that only a very little group of
people can say "excuse me". Unfortunately, a lot of persons try to create a
sensation with mistakes by others.

I accept the apologize by Eugenio and hope that Eugenio have a long time fun on
our hoppy computer chess. Eugenio have a strong program "Eugen" and he worked on
this program a long time before he created ELChinito. We loosed in this days a
chess programmer with a lot of knowledge about chess programming.

It's not OK what Eugenio made, the Crafty copyrights are clear, but in fact
Eugenio is one of the persons which can say "excuse me, I made a mistake". I
wish me more of this persons in computer chess fora and not to many "red bulls".
We all can have much more fun without to thinking about negative things. It's
only a hobby for the most of us!

I wish me that the Gladiators (Arena User = Gladiators) understand what I mean
with my words.

I wish all readers a nice weekend!



>4. Then you miraculous state it will be removed from your Arena website.

Sorry, this is wrong!
I delete ELChinito one day before Eugenio wrote the open letter.
See the date in Arena News-Ticker and the date of the open letter.
I delete the program after the mail I got from Eugenio that he will not public
the ELChinito sources for free.

>5. You then with the help of Christophe Conkie on your ASA forums block even the
>mention of the topic, and state it will not be discussed there. I would post a
>link but not all people from here are members there.

I am sure the Admin from Arena Support Forum have a reason to stop this discuss
in this time. I believe to this time the statement from Eugenio isn't available.
You can see that a thread in our forum is open for discuss around this topic.
But in this case I can't give an other answer because I am not admin of Arena
Support Forum. I think the admins of this forum make a good job.

>6. Rolf asks why you have not ponied up an apology, and I ask the same, and yet
>you _really_ have the nerve to ask _why_ you should?

Oh Rolf!
No person gave more comments to this topic in CCC as Rolf Tüschen. I believe
Rolf have to do with it :-))

Rolf is not really important and I read only prococations from him.

>You attacked Paul H when he has been proved to be correct, and you don't have
>the sensibility to apologize for your remarks?

I don't attacked Paul. I have an other opinion as Paul but I accept his opinion.
You can read my answers of Paul messages.

I never would give such an information for a chess forum without to contact the
important persons. I believe Paul have to contact Robert, Eugenio and myself
before he added such information in chess fora.

After the knowledge of such cases I have we have very fast a "witch hunter". The
best examples are Ruffian or Yace in the past. And with the new example of
ELChinito we have one examples more.

>Well I for one have lost total respect for you. Enough said.

Oh, this is your problem!
I have not loosed the respect for myself and this is the most important point
for me. What the other are thinking is not my problem Peter.

I go my way with or without such opinions by the others because I have a lot of
ideas since many years around computer chess.

I wish you a nice day and please have understanding for it that I have no time
to discuss the complete day with each of the members here. I have written enough
and I am sure I do my best to solved the problem fairly because I dislike it to
create a "witch hunter" without a statement by all persons with have to do with
it. I hope that a lot of persons learn a little bit from this discuss here.



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