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Subject: Re: The Plot

Author: Christopher Conkie

Date: 19:27:48 08/29/04

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On August 29, 2004 at 19:41:11, Peter Skinner wrote:

>On August 29, 2004 at 17:04:25, Christopher Conkie wrote:

Hello Peter,

All I can sat is wow. Let me try to help.

>>I am not/have never been aware of any company. Arena is freeware, some engines
>>are not.

I have checked for you and can tell you that you can download Arena for free. I
am also absolutly sure that it is freeware. Go here...

>This is rubbish. Frank sells engines bundled with Arena. The website
> is the direct site to purchase the engines that
>Frank labels "partner programs".

And what of it? Some programmers choose that their engines are commercial and
the others (I think the majority) are free. The URL that you give is wrong. The
one you give is where you can download Arena for free. I think you are mistaken,
perhaps you meant here....

This place is a shop. Let me check...yes it is for sure an online shop. I am
sure that what this shop sells are engines. Commercial engines for use in a GUI
of your choice. Not Arena. Arena is freeware. You may download it for free as I
have shown you above. The only way that you could attempt to get something in
this place that would contain Arena would be if you were to desire the Ruffian
CD, and even then to purchase this you are taken here....

The Ruffian CD that you can buy at Schach-Niggermann contains the free GUI,
Arena. How do I know it is free? Look up, go and download it. It's freeware.

>It is a company whether you want to believe it or not.

Yes, Schach-Niggemann is a company I have been there in Heiden myself. It is a
wonderful shop, full of thing that do interest me. The last time that I was
there was in February. It is far to go for me you see.

>If I am purchasing Ktulu 5.x and it comes BUNDLED with Arena, then I _am_
>purchasing Arena even though I can freely download it.

This is something that only you can tell me the real meaning of. :-)
Others do read this you know? Anyway, I am pleased, no delighted, to tell you
that Ktulu 5.x does not come bundled with Arena. I know, I have purchased it
myself. Let me look at my sure I paid 19,95 Euro for Ktulu
5.x only.

>When I purchased Ruffian 2.0.0 and had problems it was _explicitly_ put that the
>support for it would be for Arena only. That Frank would not provide support for
>other interfaces like Winboard/Xboard, yet in the readme included with Ruffian
>it states how to set it up within that interface.

Would you rather that this helpful information would not have been provided? Oh
well, each to their own. However, if you would like help with configuration of
Ruffian in another GUI, I am sure that this is one of the right places to ask.
If you mean Winboard, I can help you also, go here....

This a forum devoted to Winboard. I am sure that someone can help you here.

>So therefore I _am_ paying for Arena along with the engine. If I wasn't the
>engine would come on a cd by itself, and no interface. Also when updating
>Ruffian 2.0.0, the updates _required_ the first cd be installed, not just the
>engines itself.

No, I've covered that. Arena is free. You download it, see, just look up. This
information I have given to you. I believe that the updates were supplied That is, if you puchased the CD you got the updates for free. Yes,
that's right, I'm sure of that. They arrived by mail, did they not? Anyway I
would go here Peter....

This may be where your solution lies. Ask, you only have to ask.

>So if you honestly believe the rubbish you state above, then you belong with
>Frank.. idiots like to stand in numbers.

Now you are being rude. I tried to help you and you were rude to me. I have been
truthful and honest with you. Yes, I do believe what I said to you. No, I do not
think it is rubbish. I want you to know that I forgive you. :-)

Others may not... ;-)

Kind Regards



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