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Subject: Re: Microsoft Chess program

Author: Eugene Nalimov

Date: 10:42:52 01/06/99

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On January 06, 1999 at 10:26:59, Bert Seifriz wrote:

>>>>>3) Microsoft has a lot of resources, money, high speed equipment, and talent.
>>>right people (thinking that Microsoft wouldn't attempt to hire the best people
>>>"in the field" who could start out running instead of crawling is naive) could
>>>probably create some strong software in a short period of time.
>>>I believe that such a project would take a lot of resources and dedication, but
>>>the US put a man on the moon in what, 8 years after Kennedy proposed it?
>>>Microsoft could probably have the strongest engine in the world in 2 years and
>>>if they wanted to,
>This is exactly the point. Why should Microsoft care to build a
>chess engine? They do not have the slightest reason!
>And if? They would either buy an existing company or
>engage some of the chess programmers you already know.
>After all why do you think the persons we know are in any
>way inferior to a Microsoft engineer?
>There are for example only a handful of persons in the world
>who are able to program chess in assembly language! And these
>are not MS engineers! Bert

Sorry, but I'm absolutely sure that I *can* write reasonable
good chess engine. Actually, I had done that 9 years ago (you
can download Siberian Chess from GambitSoft chess site; engine
was not modified after 1991, I think; and then I knew much less,
had no access to Western publications/experience, etc). Yes,
it was written mainly in C, only absolutely time-critical parts
of it were in assembly (first 8080, later I rewrote in 8086).
But if necessary, I can write engine in "100% pure assembly".

And I'm Microsoft engineer :-)


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