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Subject: Re: perft records

Author: Alessandro Scotti

Date: 08:04:03 09/06/04

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This is my perft() suite run on a P4 1.8 GHz on Windows 2000. This is the same
code used by the engine: a pseudo-legal move generator which also updates
evaluation variables, detects checks and so on. It's hardly an optimized
implementation though.

perft: depth=6, FEN=rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - 0 1
perft: depth=1, nodes=20
perft: depth=2, nodes=400
perft: depth=3, nodes=8902
perft: depth=4, nodes=197281
perft: depth=5, nodes=4865609
perft: depth=6, nodes=119060324
perft: total=124132536 nodes in 25.687 seconds (4832 KNps)

perft: depth=5, FEN=r3k2r/p1ppqpb1/bn2pnp1/3PN3/1p2P3/2N2Q1p/PPPBBPPP/R3K2R w
KQkq -
perft: depth=1, nodes=48
perft: depth=2, nodes=2039
perft: depth=3, nodes=97862
perft: depth=4, nodes=4085603
perft: depth=5, nodes=193690690
perft: total=197876242 nodes in 42.375 seconds (4669 KNps)

perft: depth=6, FEN=8/PPP4k/8/8/8/8/4Kppp/8 w - -
perft: depth=1, nodes=18
perft: depth=2, nodes=290
perft: depth=3, nodes=5044
perft: depth=4, nodes=89363
perft: depth=5, nodes=1745545
perft: depth=6, nodes=34336777
perft: total=36177037 nodes in 8.157 seconds (4435 KNps)

perft: depth=6, FEN=8/2p5/3p4/KP5r/1R3p1k/8/4P1P1/8 w - -
perft: depth=1, nodes=14
perft: depth=2, nodes=191
perft: depth=3, nodes=2812
perft: depth=4, nodes=43238
perft: depth=5, nodes=674624
perft: depth=6, nodes=11030083
perft: total=11750962 nodes in 2.593 seconds (4531 KNps)

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