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Subject: Re: perft records

Author: Peter Fendrich

Date: 11:52:54 09/07/04

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On September 07, 2004 at 04:50:35, Sune Fischer wrote:

>On September 06, 2004 at 07:43:51, Peter Fendrich wrote:
>>What free programs have the fastest perft and what are the figures?
>>Please, If you give figures also add processor, compiler and environment!
>Frenzee does perft 7 on the initial position in 28 seconds on my 2 GHz Athlon.
>However that is using hash and "the Uri trick" with no make/unmake at the last
>>I want to compare with a new concept that isn't coded yet...
>Just realize that this is really comparing apples to oranges.

Well, maybe I'm stupid but not in that way! :-)

>I tried using the above fully legal generator in the program as
>opposed to the old incremental generator, but all I saw was a big slowdown.
>I don't recall the exact number but I believe it was around 10-15% slower than
>the incremental approach.

I'm not surprised. What I want to test is maybe extremely fast in it's raw form
but then it also mean that computing attack tables, moblility in eval and such
will be as fast. What will happen when the sorting of moves or an incremental
approach is added, is still an open question.

>My conclusion is that at least for the frontier nodes a fully legal move
>generation is not worth it, at least not for a bitboarder that can easily do a
>much faster incremental pseudo generation.

I have changed my pure bitboard approach in Terra to something mixed.

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