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Subject: Re: Kiwi for Win98 and input-reading stuff

Author: Alessandro Scotti

Date: 04:17:05 09/30/04

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On September 29, 2004 at 21:14:35, David Dahlem wrote:

>Hi Alessandro
>I downloaded the 0.1c version, and entered it in my tourney to test some new
>engines at 40/5 in Arena. Here is the first game by Kiwi. There seems to be a
>problem when reaching the first time control. Time management was ok until move
>41, then it took too much time per move and lost on time. I had the same bug in
>my engine, and discovered it was caused by not counting the Arena book moves,
>which resulted in the identical symptoms i saw in this game.

Hi David, thanks for the tip, I will immediately look into this problem. BTW, I
don't know Arena so well, could you tell me the meaning of the numbers after
each move (e.g. +1.11/85 6... what is 85)?

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