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Subject: Re: Kiwi for Win98 and input-reading stuff

Author: Dan Honeycutt

Date: 07:36:44 10/01/04

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On September 30, 2004 at 19:11:11, Alessandro Scotti wrote:

>On September 30, 2004 at 12:02:30, Ross Boyd wrote:
>>First a big thankyou for sharing your code!! I had been wanting to use threads
>>for input for a year now but didn't know enough about it to attempt it. Your
>>code worked flawlessly in my engine (TRACE) straight off the bat. You will
>>certainly be getting full credit when the next version is released (soon).
>I'm glad to know you found the code useful!
>>BTW, is Kiwi a new NZ engine? If so, then what is it with NZ chess engines? They
>>come to Australia and keep on winning our championships. :-)
>Two reasons not to worry about that:
>1) Kiwi is an Italian engine;
>2) it's not going to win anything, at least for a long while!

Hi Alessandro:

I join Ross saying thank you for sharing your code.  Pondering is working it's
way up my to-do list.  I had not decided between polling and threading.  I
looked at the polling code in Crafty and thought "yuk".  Then I looked at the
threading code in Gerbil and thought "huh".  (Bruce Moreland is a very talented
programmer but his code is by no means easy to follow).  Your routine is the
answer to my needs.

As far as Kiwi not winning anything for a while - I doubt that.  Get the bugs
out of your hashing, implement null move and basic extensions and you will be
able to give the upper division engines some bloody noses.

Thanks again
Dan H.

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