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Subject: Re: mate threat extension/null move

Author: Steve Maughan

Date: 06:21:54 10/05/04

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>  value = -search(bd,sdepth-1-reduction,ply,-beta+WACBOOST,-beta+1+WACBOOST,
>	mvstr,SAVETOP,verify,REDUCENOTOK,checked) + WACBOOST;


So instead of doing a null move search around beta, you're doing a null move
search at Beta - WACBOOST, and then adding WACBOOST so as to potentially get a
cutoff with any fail high from the modified search.  I assume that the modified
search will fail high 'easier' than a normal Null move search and the assumption
is that there should be a move that has an incremental value of > WACBOOST - is
this correct?

I haven't seen this idea before.  Is it new?  Has it been documented before?  Do
you have any data on how it performs in tactical positions and gameplay?



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