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Subject: The Baron in Leiden

Author: Richard Pijl

Date: 12:13:52 10/25/04

After the message on the first weekend, a report of the second weekend is
inevitable :-)

The first game of the second weekend was scheduled to be a tough match against
Diep. The difference in used hardware was quite big. Fortunately for the Baron,
the opening was very quiet, without much risks for white. Vincent was not happy
as he wanted/expected to win, so the opening choice of the Baron didn't really
help. But as the game progressed, the Baron slowly managed to get the advantage
and win the game. This was one of the best games of the Baron in the tournament.

After beating the number 2 of the intermediate standing, the next round the
opponent was Pro Deo. This time the Baron had a bad opening choice and didn't
understand what it had to do. Pro Deo won that game convincingly.

In round 9 the Baron played Neurosis. As Stan already pointed out in his post,
the attack of Neurosis didn't have much body and the Baron took over and won the

The participants dinner in the evening was now an opportunity to celebrate the
Baron's highest ever position during the Dutch open. It was occupying the fourth
place. At that time the tournament should have ended :-)

The next day two more difficult opponents were picked for the Baron. First
Nexus, that had a great tournament. During the middle game Nexus had acquired
clear advantage, but didn't manage to win the game immediately. The Baron
grabbed an open e-file and had the opportunity to draw the game. Unfortunately
(for me, and with hind sight probably also Pro Deo) the Baron blew it, and
blocked/captured Nexus' passer with the wrong piece and lost.

The last round started with a major delay as the software could not produce an
acceptable pairing. With a major delay the Baron played a game against Deep
Sjeng, which was practically drawn after leaving the opening book. As it was
already clear that SB points would be very important to the leaders we continued
playing until it was clear there was really nothing that either side could do to

The resulting 9th place (out of 14 participant) does not sound very great, but
it is clear that this was one of the closest tournaments I've participated in.

For those that managed to read all of this, there's another surprise. I've
prepared a download of the single CPU version of the Baron at the Baron's Lair:


This is the version that played the second weekend of the Dutch Open.
The FRC version will be made available next week, to reduce the amount of
traffic on my site.


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