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Subject: Re: Phantom Chesster Eyeball

Author: Steve B

Date: 04:44:30 11/11/04

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That was quite a premium to pay for a
>voice and a motion sensor so I am assuming they are quite rare?

right you are
the normal Phantom(model 6100) is the most common of the three and fairly easy
to find
the Eyeball Chesster Phantom(model 6126) was the most expensive of the three and
very hard to find
the Phantom Chesster(model 6124)strangely enough is the hardest to find.
i think this is because, when all three were available for sale,buyers either
went for the least expensive or went for the most expensive with all of the
bells and whistles.buying a Phantom that was in between probably did not appeal
to many buyers interested in the Phantom in the first not many  6124
Phantom's were sold thereby making them harder to find today


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