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Subject: Re: BitBoard challenge to Ernst A. Heinz and bitboard fans - no moderati

Author: Ernst A. Heinz

Date: 04:25:06 01/16/99

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Dear Vincent,

As you mentioned my name in the headline of your message, I feel it necessary
to break my silence and at least post a brief reply.

You repeatedly prove my earlier characterizations of your style 100% true
in this "challenge" text. As usual your arguments run roughly like "X is the
best and only because I do it in Diep" and "Y is not possible because it is
not in Crafty". I have experienced similar behaviour of you over and over in
electronic messages and in direct verbal conversations during the last WMCC.

Because of this particular style of yours I no longer deem it worthwhile to
discuss technical matters with you.

As for your bitboard challenge, there is a simple answer. If you really knew
as much about bitboards as you claim to do, you could easily solve the
"challenge" yourself. Several independent bitboard experts surely know how
to implement what you label as impossible.


Samsung's 533MHz Alpha-21164a CPUs cost about 250 US-$ (estimated street
price) which is much cheaper than the current high-end Pentium-IIs/Xeons.
Hence, real 64-bit machines are clearly not "beyond the wallet" of ordinary
people as you claim.

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