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Subject: Re: Wchess 2000 and zarkov 5

Author: Tim OConnor

Date: 16:32:43 01/16/99

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On January 16, 1999 at 16:04:51, Bert Seifriz wrote:

>On January 16, 1999 at 11:49:21, Alain Lyrette wrote:
>>Why is nobody talking about wchess2000 AND ZARKOV 5?
>Very easy, because next to nobody has it.
>We sold 15 copies of W-Chess and 5 Zarkov.
>The people who bought W-Chess consider it
>to be strong. Bert

I would like to try them since I owned previous versions of each.  But, I still
feel ripped off by Genius 6 and wonder what the publisher is not telling us
about these products.

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