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Subject: Re: History Heuristic on its own

Author: Chris Moreton

Date: 20:19:04 01/16/99

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Cutoffs in the full width triggers a history entry which adds a value which is 2
to power Depth to the from-to array.  When a history entry reaches a certain
value, all the values are halved.

The generation routing calls a macro for each move it creates which inserts the
move into the array in the place relevant to its perceived value shuffling the
other moves up or down in the list as necessary which results in an ordered move
list.  When knowledge-based ordering is on, the moves are valued as the sum of
all the relevant values shown below (the values are mostly arbitrary).

Transposition suggestion 5002
Capture of last moved piece 5001
Captures Taken minus Taker (100=Taken Pawn, 10=Taker Pawn)
Promotions (800=Queen)
History Score (max 3000)

On January 16, 1999 at 22:58:11, Will Singleton wrote:

>In your method, what triggers a store to the history table, and what value do
>your store?  Also, at what point in the move_gen do you check the history table?

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