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Subject: Re: Wchess 2000 and zarkov 5

Author: Marcus Kaestner

Date: 01:33:42 01/17/99

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On January 16, 1999 at 17:35:28, Lin Harper wrote:

>On January 16, 1999 at 13:17:39, Julio Richards wrote:
>>I'm interested in this also. I wish someone who has any of these engines would
>>reply regarding strength, features, ect.
>If Wchess200 and Zarkov5 are any good perhaps SSDF will report their ratings as
>high, then they will start selling.

On my K6-400 with 256MB Hash WChess plays impressivly strong (but not with the
original Genius-book!). On tournament
level it has positive scores against Junior 5, Junior 4.6, Fritz 5.16, Hiarcs 6,
Hiarcs 7, Genius 6 and Nimzo 99. Equal score against Fritz 5.32, negative score
against Zarkov 5 and very bad score (4.5-9.5) against Shredder 3.

For a novum WChess did mate Junior 5 on tournament-level in 25 moves!

WChess plays great pawn sacrifices and wins dozens of moves later, but if it had
no idea it is very passive and sometimes shows a horrible endgame. It has poor
endgame knowledge.

Zarkov has also a strong middlegame, much more stable than WChess, but not as
dangerous as WChess. zarkov is also weak in endgame. It has big problems against
all top-programs except WChess.

As a result Zarkov is not as strong as WChess. WChess is able to beat every
program in the world if you can make an opening book where WChess can find
ideas. Then it belongs to the top programs. If not, WChess is a little bit
behind them. Zarkov cannot compete the top programs.


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