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Subject: Gandalf 6.0 is exactly 100 points better so far...

Author: Albert Silver

Date: 08:58:34 12/07/04

Over at CSS, there is a rating list maintained by Klaus Wotzka, done with a
fixed set of opening positions played over 480 games. The games are played at
the TC of 10 min + 10 sec, no pondering, so can hardly be considered as complete
a test as the SSDF, however it does provide a solid source of data. Note that
old versions of programs are removed from the list, so you will not see a dozen
versions of Fritz and Shredder taking up the first 10 spots. Leading the list is
Shredder 8 unsurprisignly, and after it, by quite a bit, is Fritz 8 Bilbao,
which scored identically to Deep Fritz 8. Gandalf 6 is being tested and after
336 games is scoring exactly 100 points better than Gandalf 5.1.

The list can be found here:

And the current results of Gandalf 6 (or any other engine being tested at the
time) are here:


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