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Subject: Re: Problems connecting?

Author: Thomas McBurney

Date: 01:45:46 12/18/04

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If you are having problems connecting then please make sure you have your
firewall configured to allow UDP packets on port 16043 (Chesswar).

If you have a router then you will need to configure your router to forward UDP
packets to your computer.  To do this, connect to your router using your
internet browser and look for a setting called 'Port Forwarding', 'Port
Redirection' or something similar.  You may find it under advanced settings.
Configure port 16043 to forward packets to the IP address of the computer you
are using.  Of course you will need to find out what your IP address is first,
probably something similar to ''.  Type 'ipconfig' from the command
prompt to find out what ip address you have.

The following are screen shots from two different routers which shows how the
port forwarding has been set up...

<img src="">

<img src="">


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