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Subject: Re: Sensory Board Problem?

Author: Michael Ginat

Date: 16:01:49 01/20/99

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On January 20, 1999 at 18:16:16, KarinsDad wrote:

>On January 20, 1999 at 15:26:12, Michael Ginat wrote:
>>thanks for your input Karinsdad
>>Maybe I'm wrong but I think you underestimate the marketability of a reasonably
>>priced sensory board. Sure not everyone can afford 600 DM for a DGT or $295 for
>>a Novag, but there are plenty of people investing hundreds of dollars on
>>software. There are also people who would love to use such a board to play on
>>the internet. I'm a programmer and stare at a screen all day - it would be
>>really nice not to have to do that when I'm relaxing or studying chess - surely
>>a lot of people think that way...
>>If there are any entrepeneurs out there let's get together and design the
>>"perfect board" !
>>regards/cheers/tchuess/a bientot!,
>Maybe I'm wrong, but I know quite a few chess players and I do not personally
>know of a single one who has purchased a sensory board. I know many who have
>purchased chess software, which by the way is a lot cheaper than a sensory
>board. Also, if you did a poll question here in CCC, you would find a higher
>percentage of people with them here then within the general chess playing
>Personally, I would love to get my hands on a good one. Until that happens (I
>hope my wife reads this post), I'll have to settle for playing non-blitz on the
>internet and making the moves on the board myself (which I would have to do with
>a sensory board at well, it would just speed up my moves being sent back).


Good luck - what's your wife's email address :)


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