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Subject: Re: DGT vs Novag Universal

Author: Sylvain Renard

Date: 16:38:47 01/20/99

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>You can use the driver together with Fritz and compare, but a driver
>written for a specific program will, if the programmers do a good job,
>be better then a generic driver.
that's what I wanted to say. But you have done a good work!

>I haven't done any scientific tests on speed, but I've tried to move pawns
>out as quickly as I can, like a3,a6,b3 etc, in order to see where to moves
>starts to get lost.
   I am not really satisfied with Fritz driver. It gets lost sometimes if you
move a piece very quickly after you play the computer's move. And I don't
understand why because with the program Queen, the position on the board is
always perfectly detected.

>It would be interesting to know what hardware and software you used
>when you tried the driver and found it slow.
>If you've time and want to, you can send the info to me:
   My computer is a Pentium Pro 200 MHz, and I tried the generic driver
with ChessBase 7.0 and Winboard 4.0
   Best regards,
       Sylvain Renard

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