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Subject: Re: DGT vs Novag Universal

Author: Rolf Gustafsson

Date: 11:49:01 01/21/99

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On January 21, 1999 at 14:26:26, Hannu Wegner wrote:

>Hi Rolf,
>I see you are back from your holidays. I hope you remember that we discussed the
>possibility of a generic Tasc-driver or a generc autoplayer. Did you try to make
>such a driver allready? If I can help somehow please tell me.
>Best greetings,
>Hannu Wegner

 Yes, I'm back.

  I've downloaded the Smartboard development kit from the TASC site
only an hour ago and have compiled the Smartwin.exe.
It would be good if you can try this program and tell me that it
works as it's supposed to do.

  Perhaps we can continue the discussion via email and post the result
here if we can get a universal driver to work.
Note that as a start I will only be able to read the board and not get
any feedback from the chess program. This means that the driver will only
be able to send moves from the board, but not light up the leds to display
the move back. I can light the led that it's your turn though.

  Rolf G.

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