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Subject: Re: Fix

Author: Dieter Buerssner

Date: 12:10:59 01/23/05

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On January 23, 2005 at 13:56:13, Eugene Nalimov wrote:

>In the future please send me separate e-mail, as I
>am not reading CCC daily.

I will. I think in the past I sent you emails twice (after getting your
permission for using your code). I got no replies, and my suggestions to the TB
code were not implemented. Twice I posted to CCC, when I also tried to catch
your attention, I got a fast reply. Honestly, I was not sure, if you received my
mails. I have no problems with unanswered mails. I myself do not answer many
mails, even when I read and appreciate them.

>Why it is limited -- look at the comment two lines below:
>// Check for kxykznb?.emd (8+3 format)
>8+3 format does not work for 6-men TBs.

Yes, after I hit the "Submit Follow UP" button I got it. I think nobody is
really interested in 8.3 systems anymore. Or are some ISO file systems with 8.3
restrictions for CDs still important (ISO 9660 Level 1?)? I until recently used
pure DOS now and then, and TBs worked well (with 2 lines changed to your code,
IIRC). Having 6-men TBs available under such a restricted system won't make much
sense. OTOH choosing the "extension" slightly different, say nw and nb instead
of nbw and nbb would leave the possibility. Or even use kpk.nb and kpk.nbe for
uncompressed and compressed. If I really want to have it, I should be able to do
it - if I am allowed to? I suppose engine authors using your code are allowed to
do minor modifications? Some are needed anyway (at the start of tbindex.cpp) for
many/most engines.


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