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Subject: Re: New wooden chess computer by me.

Author: Vincent Diepeveen

Date: 17:58:14 01/28/05

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On January 28, 2005 at 20:51:15, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:

>On January 28, 2005 at 18:31:06, Steve B wrote:
>>>No, he's just toying with outdated 400 Mhz MIPS stuff and outdated network
>>>1 Mhz of a MIPS is like a part of 1Mhz of opteron/A64/banias.
>>>Mobile phones can beat that.
>>you miss the point for Ruud
>>he is making the strongest Dedicated computer ever released for sale
>>he played at the 2004 Anuual dedicated computer tournament in Kaufbereun Germany
>>snd blew away ever other computer
>>for Collectors of dedicated computers this is important and they will pay for it
>>and many collectors are older men and they have money to pay and do not cry
>>about spending $25 for a chess program like younger men do
>>Rudd knows the market he is reaching
>Without intending to say this to Ruud: You get what you pay for.
>Dedicated computers are collectors items and not expensive. What he's making
>will be very expensive though.
>I have heard prices of course and i also know what it means they will sell for
>as you cannot sell under the hardware price. Some things go wrong and shipping
>costs are huge and import tax here is 20%. VAT is 19%.
>I can do math there.
>Updated modules under 1000 euro are simply very difficult.

the basic problem is of course this. from that computer a 100000 have been sold.
That was half a century ago.

How many have survived?

5% of it?

Means 5000 computers.

How many will pay for something worth $200 or so, an update price of $1300, or a
1000 euro's ?

This update just gets it to 400Mhz at most or so. Fastest mips processors you
can get now are 500 or 600mhz. I know all about those processors. The dutch
supercomputer i ran at at 512 processors, it has 500Mhz mips R14000 processors.

We talk about what is it. R5000 processors or so which do not have 8MB L2 off
chip cache. If not that then some ARM equal type cpu.

So you pay that 1300 dollar in order to update it to something worse than the
first palm pc, which are there also in 600Mhz now, but with more ram and so on.

Even if Ruud works overnight, he can't earn a living from that fulltime work and
he won't sell much in total.

The only thing i do know is that DIEP runs good on those processors. But it's
dead slow.

What's interesting for programmers is either money, or prestige. Prestige means
for example you can join with something faster than normal computers. Dedicated
computers falls under business.



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