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Subject: robot computer

Author: Vincent Diepeveen

Date: 15:01:08 01/29/05

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On January 28, 2005 at 21:07:20, Steve B wrote:

Wasn't some robot model from start of the 80s a few years again produced and
intended to get sold in a certain supermarket in Spain?

I remember a year or 4 ago Jan Louwman selling a robot computer because some
manufacturer had told him they would take it again into production.

If that selling didn't continue then obviously somewhere that stock must be at
some importer who couldn't sell it to supermarkets and who cares shit about

With robot i just mean a very small breakable arm which moves pieces only.
40x40 centimeter chess board or so (could be a bit smaller actually just

For a lot of old computers Jan had when he died, feel free to email the person
who has them all now, he might want to sell you one or more :
  John van der Hoeven <>

He will be better informed about this Robot perhaps.


>>Dedicated computers are collectors items and not expensive. What he's making
>>will be very expensive though.
>many dedicated computers sell for $1000-$2000
>even more
>Robots,Tasc computers,large,wooden  tournament sized auto sensory computers with
>Rare modules(ie Mephisoto Almeria 32 bit)
>you should come here more often and you will see the auctions i an other
>collectors point out
>to have the strongest dedicated computer(2450 Elo or more) means a great deal to
>a collector
>the Price Ruud askes is not cheap but it is reasonable
>$1000 is not alot of money to have the worlds strongest dedicated unit

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