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Subject: Re: New wooden chess computer by me.

Author: Steve B

Date: 15:07:31 01/29/05

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>Obviously a tuned 1.4Ghz engine will destroy anything of < 400-600Mhz which Ruud
>is trying to incorporate now.

and so Ruuds "Resurrection" will remain the most powerful dedicated computer
EVER made
a title that will bring in nice money for him
Tasc held this claim until now with their R30/R40 for 10 years(1995)

when they were released they sold like hot cakes..and they cost $1500-$2000
brand new(the R40 was about $3000)
the Tasc computers do not have the nicest wooden boards,nor the best pieces
what they had was one thing Vincent
they had the claim of being the STRONGEST dedicated computer money could buy

if not for legal issues regarding the Tasc Smart board the company would still
be in business today

there is money to be made from the  collectors ,hungry for something new

if Ruud will be allowed to hold this title unchallanged by others then he will
reap the rewards,rightfully so


>>>What if someone took the guts out of a palm (or maybe bought something like a
>>>gumstix board with 400 MHz xscale processor) and jammed it into an excalibur
>>>grandmaster? (You might not want to risk one of your beautiful old wooden units
>>>on such a beast.) You could have quite a powerful dedicated unit, but would you
>>>be willing to pay $1000 for such a hack?
>>well there are two points here..
>>First  ..i am not  so interested in modified computers
>>the new dedicated computers that we are talking about will be avaialable to the
>>general public
>>there will be perhaps 50 or more sold
>>a prototype has competed in head on competiton with all of the other dedicated
>>units and won going away
>>SECOND..the new dedicated computer will have two programs and it will be
>>upgradeable through a pc serial port built into the module
>>a wed site will be maintained by the seller which will allow upgrades to be
>>downloaded from the site directly into the computer to all registered owners
>>so all together i think its a nice package and worth the money and so do many
>>other collectors
>>what you describe is interesting ,but the concept of taking an existing computer
>>and modifying its processor or over clocking ,etc etc is not a new one
>>generally i do not acquire these sorts of computers
>>now with all of that aside, if you can do what you described for say..$
>>have your first sale
>>i like the idea you picked the GM board..its a great board to play chess on

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