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Subject: Re: New wooden chess computer by me.

Author: Steve B

Date: 19:03:18 01/29/05

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>For me a dedicated unit is not interesting unless it includes some kind of
>chessboard which can be used to directly enter the moves. If you are required to
>enter moves on a keypad or something, then my personal opinion is that you might
>as well be playing on a pc, palm, or gameboy. I can understand the interest of
>units lacking such an interface from a historical point of view, but that's it.

well even though the vast majority of  dedicated computers do have a board input
system(auto-sensory,pressure sensory or peg sensory)even the ones with just a
keyboard input system will also have a board and pieces to play on which is much
different then a palm or pc or gameboy

but to each his own..

>I am not sure about the details of the project being done by Ruud Martin. Is it >a module designed to slide into an existing unit?

yes it will be a module set(program and display) that can be used with any of
three different Mephisto boards
it will contain two different programs(like the Elite Premiere) as well as a  pc
serial port built into the module for direct downloads of upgrades
however as we speak it is not yet released but it  is due out within in the next
6-8 weeks


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