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Subject: Re: About DanChess in cct7

Author: Daniel Shawul

Date: 19:35:18 02/08/05

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On February 08, 2005 at 21:59:19, Alex Newman wrote:

>On February 08, 2005 at 02:47:56, Daniel Shawul wrote:
>Taking someones code, and then rewriting it, is the same as cloning to me.

   that's is not the case  for me.

>I can't say you did that, so this is not an accusation, but Mr. Hyatt may think
>you did just that.

   I just want him to look at what i have right now and tell all those people
who have doubts here what he thinks it is. This i think will clear up things
once and for all and save us all the trouble. But if he is not interested what
can i do but to keep on working.

    if you call the following rewrite of crafty,we certainly have different

      - different search
      - different evaluation (mine is relatively knowledge based while crafty is
fast searcher). that's why mine is 1/4 as fast as crafty (in Nps) but is not
1/4 as bad.
      - has a different style of play
      - which has completely different data structures
      - the only subroutine that i remeber similar was a simple utility function
used for display. [i always make sure i have nothing same as crafty since the

    I will send my source one more time to him incase he hasn't read this
thread. I am doing everything on my part to to resolve the matter.
   That's why I consider any more accusations to be not based on anything,just

>>On February 08, 2005 at 00:28:39, Madhavan wrote:
>>>i was the one who asked Uri about Danchess/Crafty issue
>>>i did not know what happened after Hyatt said in a post that one of the older
>>>version contains 30% of crafty's
>>>Uri said that you have rewritten completely,so its fine
>>>i did not make a post stating "what happened to Danchess/crafty Issue"
>>>i meant i did not start a thread.i just asked Uri,because Uri is the only
>>>programmer who is most active in engines and programming topics besides Dann
>>>there is nothing wrong with the latest Danchess Version
>>i certainly did not take it that way.
>>if your intention is just to know about the issue, that is fine.

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