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Subject: Re: About DanChess in cct7

Author: Daniel Shawul

Date: 20:02:53 02/08/05

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On February 08, 2005 at 20:52:44, Tom Likens wrote:

>On February 08, 2005 at 11:10:17, Daniel Shawul wrote:
>>On February 08, 2005 at 09:52:07, Anthony Cozzie wrote:
>>>On February 08, 2005 at 00:09:45, Daniel Shawul wrote:
>>>>Hello every one,
>>>>  I read in the threads below that some people still suspect
>>>>danchess to be a clone. It is not a clone of any engine . If any body has any
>>>>doubts  , he can ask me and i can send the source to a reliable person so that
>>>>it is checked. But please don't make posts here and there telling what you think
>>>>it is.
>>>>   Danchess is participating in every other tournament because
>>>>it is found not to be a clone. In WBEC for example a group of people checked it
>>>>and found it not to be a clone so it is participating. There is no place ,at
>>>>least one that i know of, that danchess is not particaipating because of this
>>>>I have sent my source to Hyatt a couple of times but i do not know if he checked
>>>>it or not,becaues i have got no response. If he wants  i can send it to him
>>>>again,but it will only be a waste of his time and mine since there is no
>>>>   My current version is as strong as crafty even better which i am very proud
>>>>of. Check the games at AEGT where danchess trashed crafty 7.5 - 2.5.
>>>>somepeople just like talking about others. I like to work rather than talk.
>>>>I am sorry if i sounded very pompous but that is not  my intention.
>>>>best wishes
>>>I've been quite impressed by the improvements in DanChess (including the
>>>parallel code), but 10 games is not _nearly_ enough to draw conclusions.  I've
>>>seen Zappa beat Crafty 10 times in a row, and vice versa . . . .
>>   I think i made a little mistake in my statement above
>>        My current version is as strong as crafty even **SOMETIMES** better...
>>without **SOMETIMES** the sentence would have been incomplete.
>>   As i said in my reply to Uri. I am not drawing any conclusions with this
>>games,I know statistics is a tricky thing.
>>But still i think i can say with a good safety factor that danchess is as strong
>>as crafty. This ofcourse depends on the definition of "as strong". For me +-
>>30elo is insignificant.
>>  I really don't want to discuss on this issue further because this is not Why i
>>originally posted the message.
>>Hope you understand.
>Hey Dan,
Hi tom

>Well, you can certainly feel justified in saying that beating Crafty
>7.5-2.5 is better than *losing* by the same margin.  Of course as
>others have pointed out statistically insignificant, but what the heck.
   that's is correct,it is very much statistically insiginificant.
and i am sorry if i gave the wrong impression. I just brought it up
,becuase i *think* they are at the same level looking at results of different.
May be crafty is much better. I don't know.

>BTW, like Anthony I've also been impressed with DanChess's improvement
>over the last year, congratulations and good luck in CCT7.
   Thanks for the nice words!

best wishes
p.s: you have been away for some time, what's up with Djinn?

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