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Subject: Chess and Neural Networks

Author: Frank Schubert

Date: 02:08:59 01/27/99

Dear computerchess friends and program authors,

last year the german academy for chess and sciences was founded at Karpov chess
centre in Baden-Baden (D). As a co-ordinator for the topic 'Chess and Neural
Networks' I just try to get an overall picture of interesting activities in this
field. At the moment I only know the program ALEXS by van Tiggelen (NL) and the
NeuroChess-project of Sebastian Thrun (Uni Pittsburgh). Who can give me more
informations about chess (programs) and Neural Networks ?

Additionally it would be nice if we can start a discussion here on CCC about
possible applications of Neural Networks in chess programs. So does someone of
the program authors plan to use NN's in his program ? What is your opinion about
it ? What are your experiences in this field and what will be the future trends
? Any contributions to this subject are welcome.


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