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Subject: Re: CCT7 is complete - The TD's look back....

Author: Roger D Davis

Date: 18:29:56 02/13/05

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On February 13, 2005 at 17:37:25, Peter Skinner wrote:

>Well CCT7 is in the books and it was a very successful event.
>Congratulations to Anthony Cozzie and Zappa for being the clear winner. 7.5/9.0
>is a very good score, and Zappa played excellent. It was a well earned win.
>Before I get rambling on I want to thank some people:
>1. The participants. Without you there is no event. Thank you for joining, and
>making the event so fun. I also want to thank you for having the belief in me as
>the TD. Your support was/is greatly appreciated. Absolutely A+
>2. To the staff at ICC. Andy McFarland (Zek) was incredible with all his support
>and help. From accounts to getting up and running, he was there with me
>from start to finish. He is truely a credit to ICC. I also want to thank the
>server itself. They have allowed us to hold the event for the 7th consecutive
>year. It is great to know there are such great resources for us to utilize for
>our yearly event.
>3. To Will Singleton. Without Will I don't think I would have made it through to
>the end. His always helpful advice when I needed it seemed to find an extra gear
>in me to keep going. He was always there when I had a question, and never
>doubted me. He had complete confidence from day one. For everything you did
>Will, I will never forget it. Either your a saint, or you didn't want to take
>over :)
>4. To the seeders. You did a fantastic job. The job you completed made for an
>excellent event. Everyone who helped made crucial contributions, that made the
>event a success. So thank you for helping when I called on you.
>5. I was to thank IM Jon Schroer and NM Dan Heisman for their terrific work in
>the event. The coverage was excellent with interviews from Robert
>Hyatt, Anthony Cozzie, Jon Schroer, and Will Singleton. Schroer did a fantastic
>job as always being the commentator over the event, and hopefully he can come
>back next year. Maybe if he asks nice, Little Bird will let him come out and
>play :)
>I enjoyed the event from start to finish. It had everything. Terrific chess,
>terrific people around, a little controversy, and most important, a clear
>I tried to maintain a "live" update system to the website. It worked 99% of the
>time, and was terrific. Rounds started on time, pairings were done on time, and
>overall I think everyone enjoyed that. It made for some very busy times, but in
>the end it was well worth it.
>Zappa played some excellent chess, and was almost caught by Ikarus who to some
>was the surprise of the event. ChessThinker was the only program to go unbeaten,
>and played extremely solid in all of it's games.
>Chompster got it's first top 10 finish and Scott was incredibly happy with that.
>Congratulations to him for the obvious improvements in his program.
>GNUChess scored 4/9. That is pretty good, but Andrew Wagner and I still believe
>others were cheating. Obviously it was the pre-tournament favorite, and there
>was no possible operator error :) (Thanks for operating Andrew!)
>Butcher was very unlucky with his connection again this year. Dropping two games
>due to forfeit by the disconnection rule surely kept it out of the top ten.
>Kudos to their team for understanding the decisions I made, and simply accepting
>them. They made it easy to be a TD in that regard. Terrific sportsmen.
>I guess the last thing I want to say is thank you to all the people here. The
>support I got in emails were fantastic, and the general feeling of the event was
>that it would succeed with me in charge.
>So with that another chapter closes, and one possibly opens tomorrow.
>Have a good day,

Great job, dude. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the games. I do hope you'll
consider doing it again in the future. :)


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