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Subject: Re: CCT7 is complete - The TD's look back....

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 20:54:28 02/13/05

Go up one level in this thread

Let's look at some of your great stuff.

1.  In the game where Crafty offered a draw every 5 moves, and the opponent did
not accept the draw correctly and lost on time, you ranted and raved about the
TD's decision, even though it was _perfectly_ according to the rules we had in
force.  Rules are made to be enforced.

2.  In that same game you ranted "crafty very unsportsmanlike offered a draw
many times."  Crafty offers a draw every 5 moves.  It can be set to offer a draw
every move, every 2 moves, ... or never.  I chose 5 because GM players said
"that is just right".  Any more often becomes obnoxious, any less often can make
a fast game difficult to agree to a draw in.  BTW I have _never_ seen a
_program_ called "unsportsmanlike"...

3.  In the game SOS vs Crafty, the game was drawn at the end, with crafty having
0.0 for many moves, the opponent (apparently without endgame tables, or at least
without the 6 piece ones) was saying +1.2...  He had enough and offered a draw
to crafty by hand, which crafty automatically accepted since it had been
offering draws itself and had a draw score.  You ranted about him "giving crafty
a half point."  I pointed out the error of his offering a draw in channel 64,
but the game was over, ICC had recorded the result, and that was good enough for
everyone there.  Excepting you.

4.  You continually seemed to have problems with Crafty winning.  Even though
you didn't have the backbone to show up.  Why you didn't play I don't know, and
don't care, you can make whatever choice you want.  But you ought to stop
knocking my program and fix your own.

5.  I don't care if you never compete again.  Doesn't hurt a thing.  If you
would just not show up when you don't compete, it would complete the experience
and make everyone's enjoyment that much better.

You _really_ need to grow up and stop your whining baby act.  General consensus
for the past couple of days was _not_ favorable with respect to your whining
nonsense.  Please take it somewhere else next time.  You complained about Peter,
you complained about the participants, you complained about Crafty, meanwhile we
the participants complained about an "act" your parents committted many years
ago that caused us to have to endure all of this trash.

CCT7 was fun for all, and there's nothing you can do to change that.  Except
that had you stayed away from channel 64 it would have been even _more_ fun
based on all the negative comments you drew when you popped in.

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