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Subject: Re: Most brilliant novelty from cct7 Witchess-Arasan

Author: Vincent Diepeveen

Date: 09:47:34 02/15/05

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On February 15, 2005 at 11:57:40, Peter Berger wrote:

Play 2000 games in fritz8, 40 in 2.

frit8.ctg + some commercial engine. just pick one. shredder8 or so.
learning turned on.

then take movei. no book.

What is the score?

So what is the rating difference book versus no book?

700+ points.


>On February 15, 2005 at 11:21:56, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
>>I hope that you realize 750 rating points means roughly 0% chance.
>>What is the chance in YOUR opinion a program without book in 2005 has to win a
>>world champs event?
>>If you say 0%, that means 700+ rating points.
>No, it doesn't, as Uri already pointed out.
>But hey, here is sth we could test and maybe even have some fun.
>I take it you have some good opening book and of course you have Diep, a strong
>program that finished 3rd in the WCCC. We both use some reasonably fast single
>processor and time control maybe 60 0 .
>I pick some random commercial engine and let it play without any book against
>As you might have similar doubts as me about your chances to really achieve much
>with black in the opening, you should have the white pieces, the critical test.
>If "my" program has zero chances to win because it has no book, you should
>manage to show in 4 games ( I won't switch program, might switch some engine
>setting though). If you can't, then "my" program is clearly not without chances.

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