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Subject: Re: Most brilliant novelty from cct7 Witchess-Arasan

Author: Vincent Diepeveen

Date: 09:09:08 02/16/05

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On February 15, 2005 at 17:43:32, Peter Berger wrote:

>On February 15, 2005 at 15:57:20, Uri Blass wrote:
>>I think that Crafty did the expected result in WCCC.
>Actually you did predict it to the point before the tournament, so I agree with
>The influence of book is just *way* over-estimated by people who had a too low
>expectation of Crafty's potential. There were some games where Crafty's book was
>really fine, mainly against Shredder,Junior, Fritz and Sjeng . But it only got
>1/4 out of them, which means this includes most points lost. And the book
>variation chosen against SOS was bad, this one had been mostly untested due to
>lack of time, and just used based on analysis that didn't turn out to be
>I was unhappy with openings against Falcon, Diep and IsiChess, and they clearly
>left a lot to be desired. This time the net result was 3/3 though.
>I think Crafty had really bad books in most past WCCs it played in - this time
>it was quite OK, nothing more, nothing less.
>I can add further evidence for my assessment : the blitz event where Crafty
>finished 2nd, it played with a completely random ( and I mean it, because a
>screwed up non-working 32-bit one was used) book.
>I think people just tend to underestimate Crafty on strong hardware , especially
>several well-known programmers. It was even seeded 8th (!) by ICGA officials
>e.g., and this was not the least bit controversial with programmers present. The
>major reason probably is that under conditions more often used in tests at home,
>it can't compete with the top. I also think that it was indeed a very good and
>well-tested version. Crafty's released versions always goes up and down a bit.

At WCCC2004 i was a bit amazed to hear from all programmers that none of them
had even tested a single game against crafty. Perhaps junior did. If so then
that extra half point they scored against crafty brought them the world title if
you may say so.

Diep was tested against crafty at home. There was just 1 opening where diep had
problems with as diep strategically reacted wrong there.

You played that opening against diep.

By being quickly out book you also avoided Arturo's perfect preparation in that
opening to avoid horrors of diep. the horrors came however on the board from
both sides with crafty at the winning end.

So IMHO you were the decisive factor there, whatever viewpoint you see it from.

Additional no one is posting here another important factor. You did a perfect
operating job and managed to have a stable connection to the crafty machine.
Very unlike Uri Blass.

You had prepared everything, including how to operate efficiently. There is many
ways to mess up and you messed up nowhere.

Took always the strategic right choice. I'm not sure that you even realize how
many points it brings just to already choose the right opening against the right

Bad luck doesn't exist in that respect. You increased the winning chances of
Crafty simply. I had short before world champs hard statistics upon which
openings i would have a 100% winning chance and in which openings it was 90,
which it was 80 and only 1 it was real bad.

You choose that opening and that's what mattered a lot.


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