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Subject: Commercial entrants to future CCT's

Author: Peter Skinner

Date: 08:44:06 02/23/05

With the CCT past and the IPCCC started I feel like I was severely lied to.

Out of 8 commercial programs that I contacted regarding participating in the
CCT, only 3 of 7 that declined for reasons of getting ready for the IPCCC are
actually entered.

If they didn't want to enter, there is no reason to lie about the reason. Just
say you don't want to, or that you didn't like me as the tournament director, or
even that Saturn was alligned with Mars and there was a chance you may have a
seizure during the event.

Frankly if this is the way those authors are going to conduct themselves, I
don't care if they enter a future CCT.

Maybe it is true. The gap between commercials and amateurs is to small for them
to risk their hefty sales positive only results.

Or maybe they are just spineless cowards.


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