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Subject: Re: the reason why Anaconda can´t draw against Hydra...

Author: Thomas Lagershausen

Date: 08:18:31 03/01/05

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On March 01, 2005 at 09:40:38, Gabor Szots wrote:

>On March 01, 2005 at 08:47:11, Thomas Lagershausen wrote:
>>[D]2r2r1k/1bqnb1pp/p2pB3/1p1Pp3/2n5/5NNP/PP3PP1/R1BQR1K1 b - - 4 20
>> the lack of positional knowledge. This counts for most of curent
>>In the last round of Paderborn Anaconda reaches this position with the black
>>pieces against Hydra and lost without any real resistance.
>>But it is not difficult to see that black has to play against the weak pawn on
>>d5 to get enough counterplay. So, the sacrifice of the exchange by 20...Nc5 or
>>20...Nf6 give black the chance to free his game and equalize the position.
>>Please notice that my intention is to help the programers and not to show how
>>weak chessprograms are playing chess.
>>Have fun and improve your chessprograms.
>Hi Thomas,
>Shredder 9 has been analyzing the position now for 10 minutes, and cannot come
>up with your idea (see below).
>I (a 2050 Élő player) think the case is not so simple. The exchange sacrifice
>may free the position but equalize? What does black get in exchange? I am sure
>that sooner or later the material disadvantage will tell.
It looks like you trust the computers too much. Black gets the center, the
bishoppair and plays with bishop and pawn against the rook. This is more than
enough. It is a pitty how bad the influence of computerchess to humans is.

What can i say more?

Only if another chessprograme show you the way you agree?


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