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Subject: Re: NPS and ply depth

Author: William Kerr

Date: 16:41:51 01/29/99

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On January 28, 1999 at 13:03:20, Enrique Irazoqui wrote:

>Nodes per second and ply depth at 40/120 in a typical middlegame position, on a
>                    KN/s         Ply
>Fritz 5.32          380          12+
>Junior 5            350           8+
>Nimzo 99a           300          11
>Hiarcs 7             35           9
>Rebel 10            140           9+
>Mchess 8             47           8+
>Shredder 3          100          11
>Genius 6            160           7+
>Tiger 11.7.5        100          11+
>Crafty 16.3         190          11+

The nodes per second can be misleading.

Some programs count nodes as all the moves generated by the move generator. Many
of these moves never get to moving pieces on the board or actualling being
evaluated or scored since they are pruned out by alpha/beta, killer moves etc.

Other programs only count nodes that get made on the board and evaluated
(scored). This number is much lower then the above method and produces a lower
nodes per second number. This represents the number of moves actually evaluated
by the scoring function to determine the move to make.

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