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Subject: Re: EinStein wuerfelt nicht - calculation vs. intuition

Author: Theo van der Storm

Date: 15:09:49 03/07/05

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On March 07, 2005 at 10:18:50, Lars Bremer wrote:

>Hi Theo,
>>It's nice to see other people become interested in the game!
>Oh, I am interested in that game since almost 3 month :-)
>>It is more subtle then you (OR EVEN INGO!) thought.
>Seems so. Unfortunatly I was satisfied to beat Ingo in Paderborn and did not
>notice that a new EinStein-Star was born there, otherwise I would have played

Beating Ingo is just the first step
in becoming a true stone-not-casting-dice :-)

Don't get me wrong. I'm not anti-Rolling Stones.

>May be we will have an EinStein-Match in Leiden.

At least a few games should be possible.

>Yep, I was wrong, sorry, I am a ..... The position was much more
>complicate than I thought. Would you play this move over the board too? If yes,
>you understand the game much deeper I will ever do.

Yes, I would have played it over the board too.
Till now that would not be based on a three ply calculation,
but on taking out the most forcefull X-threat in the position 4c2-d1.

Having done this example of an end-game calculation and seeing
the easy mathematics I should be able to calculate this over the board as well.
In the middle game - like in chess - strategy and intuition play a bigger role.


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