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Subject: Statement from the "Author" of Toga

Author: Thomas Gaksch

Date: 10:43:45 03/17/05

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On March 17, 2005 at 03:22:06, Gabor Szots wrote:

>Do you agree that after giving you due credit Toga's "author" can claim that
>"his" engine is his own intellectual product and can be called a new engine?

hi all,
i do not want to have credit for toga and i never said that ist is "my" engine.
toga is 97% fruit. fabien is the one who should become credit for his program.
he had a lot of work with fruit. he made fruit so strong. he is a great guy and
it seems so, that i had the luck to find a way to "improve" fruit a little bit.
why shouldn´t some testers also test toga. it ist the only possibility to find
out if the extensions i made are useful.
you are right if you think that the name is a problem. but everywhere i write
something, i pointed out that it is based on fruit. also if you execute the
exe-file there shows a message "Toga II 0.93 based on Fruit 2.0". also the
readme pointed it out.
i made the changes in fruit only for fun. after 12 years without chess
programming i was keen on programming. i would never have the time to program a
engine from the scratch. so my only chance was to use an open source program.

i only can say it over and over again that the credit should receive FABIEN.
i made the changes just for fun. but if someone liks also toga i think it is no


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