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Subject: Re: Historical Chessmaster ?

Author: John Merlino

Date: 18:17:59 04/24/05

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On April 24, 2005 at 17:53:07, Fernando Villegas wrote:

>If you say so, it must be so. Frederic was wrong, then. In fact it would have
>been weird not to know about those guys as chess programmers all these yars if
>they would have been so.
>Thanks for the lesson.

No problem. Here's a little more info on these three, two of which I worked with
only during the early years of The Software Toolworks.

Andrew Iverson is now Co-Founder of Starsphere Interactive (,
a company which he created with another ex-Software Toolwork employee named
Henrik Markarian. At their site, you can see that they have made many games,
including Chessmaster II for the Playstation. The site also lists Chessmaster
3000, but that was when Andrew and Henrik worked for The Software Toolworks.

I have not heard from Rick Glenn for almost 15 years. He was involved in a few
early games for The Software Toolworks, most notably "Bruce Lee Lives" and the
two "Life and Death" games. He also wrote the memory and resource management
system that many of The Software Toolworks' early DOS games used, and when he
left the company to go work for Symantec, I took over the maintenance of that

Dave Bringhurst was involved from Chessmaster 3000 all the way up through to
Chessmaster 5000. He then left Mindscape to create a company called Ultimation,
which made many military simulation games for Mindscape and Ubi Soft (Destroyer
Command, Silent Hunter II and Panzer Commander, to name a few). Eventually,
Ultimation shut down and Fluent Entertainment hired Dave to be part of the
Majestic Chess team.

History lesson complete. :-)


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