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Subject: Crafty and assembly code

Author: A. Zanchetta

Date: 23:40:33 05/07/05


a few months ago, I ported Crafty (Special Edition) to Pocket PC, but I only
tried to make it run. Now I would be interested in making it run *faster* ...

I have tried many compilation options and even downloaded the Intel Compiler.
With Microsoft tools (EVC++ 4.0, Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2), the default options
are the best...
And the Intel compiler generates a much slower code.

How much improvement (%) can I get by writing a few assembly routines (i.e.
those which are written in assembly on the Windows/X86 version) ?

As of today, here are the results I get with CEBoard+Crafty Classic 2004 on my
Dell Axim X50v:
BT2450 : 2342 (EVC++4.0), 2350 (VS2005 Beta 2)
BT2630 : 2387 (VS2005 Beta 2)


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