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Subject: Re: About Fafis...

Author: Roman Hartmann

Date: 03:13:05 05/28/05

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On May 28, 2005 at 05:48:37, Uri Blass wrote:

Hi Uri,
>On May 28, 2005 at 05:37:03, Roman Hartmann wrote:
>>I guess most programmers had a look at the sources of crafty at least once.
>What do you mean look at the sources of Crafty?

I meant that a lot of programmers looked at crafty and maybe also took some
features of it. Like the command perft as an example. By taking a feature I
don't mean copying the sources but rather adding the same feature to the own

>I looked at it but
>I did not read and understand the move generator of Crafty and the part that I
>read and understood are maybe 1% or 2% of Crafty.

Yes, the same is true for me. I couldn't understand most of it either when I had
a look at it for the first time about a year ago.

>>I mean how many ways are there to write 'captured a king'?
>No need to write it because capturing a king never happens in games.

Well, it doesn't happen in my program (which still doesn't play chess ...)
either (or at least it shouldn't happen) as I'm only creating legal moves
anyway. I only wanted to say that having almost the same string in a program
doesn't proof it's a clone. AFAIK the 'captured king' is an error message that
crafty gives when a king get's 'killed' on the board. Maybe Fafis has this
feature as well or just took that with the sources from crafty, of course.



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