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Subject: Re: About Fafis...

Author: Roman Hartmann

Date: 08:57:22 05/28/05

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I just had a look at the book Fafis is using. First I tried to rename a book
from crafty and use it under Fafis. That didn't work, Fafis didn't complain
about a missing book (i.e. loaded the book) but wasn't playing book moves. Then
I tried it the other way around and renamed the Fafis book to use it with
crafty. That didn't work either as Crafty was complaining about the book would
not be the right version. That sounded a bit odd to me, so I downloaded some
older Crafty versions.

Version 15.07 of Crafty couldn't read the Fafis book but version 13.10 could
read the renamed Fafis book (book.rpg ->book.bin) and also played the book
moves. So it really looks as if Fafis has quite a lot in common with Crafty.
Still no final proof imo but ...

best Ragards

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