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Subject: Re: About Fafis...

Author: GŁnther Simon

Date: 09:17:29 05/28/05

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On May 28, 2005 at 11:53:29, Peter Skinner wrote:

>On May 28, 2005 at 11:45:29, Eric Oldre wrote:
>>I think the FEN string feature is the most convincing of all the evidence Alex
>>provides. I just don't see how someone writing their own engine from scratch
>>would duplicate that unless they either.
>>a) took crafty source in it's entirety, and began modifing it
>>b) cut and paste the FEN parser from crafty directly.
>>c) copied the logic of the crafty parser line by line.
>There have been others that took the book code, the learning code, the ICS
>noalias code...
>That doesn't make it a clone. It just means parts are taken from it, or
>>That combined with the other evidence provided I believe leaves the burden of
>>proof on Rafael. I think this evidence is much stronger than the evidence was
>>with either Toga or Patriot. (at least that which was posted here)
>Could be. I am not willing to just accept it is a clone. I remember talking to
>Rafael during the CCT, and he certainly knew his stuff about what was going on
>with his program and the techniques used to program it.
>>I have not personally downloaded the source yet. But others are indicating it
>>seems to be purposely obfuscated, and/or does not create the fafis 2.1
>>executable but a older version. This is another example of suspicious behavior
>>like the virus.
>I explained how the virus _could_ have happened. I have not looked at the source
>at all. I just haven't had the time, but the proof offered here doesn't convince
>me. I _will_ eat crow if it is conclusively proven however :)

There is no source to look in, except the source of an 1.5 years old version,
which was released last week. I fail to see the purpose of that action.
(This old version was hundreds of rating points weaker BTW)


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