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Subject: Re: Engines

Author: Pedro Castro

Date: 23:40:46 05/28/05

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9252704*1*Start calc, move no: 0
9252975>1:time 30000
9252975>1:otim 30000
9252995<1:Book: bookwhite.opn
9252995<1:1 9998 0 53 f8e6
9253005<1:move f8e6
9253005*1*Mov. encontrado:Cf8-e6
9253115<1:1-0 {White mates}

This position does not say anything, my engine makes that move and gives mate in
one, but I do not use for example bitboard for the generator of moves.  When I
edit a position I do not verify that he is legal, for example I do not verify if
there is more of a king for each color or if there are pawns in row 8, etc.  As
I imagine that it will do a pile of people and I imagine there that many engines
will do just like me.



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