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Subject: Re: Collector's Corner..Resurrection VS.Tasc R40(v2.5)

Author: Steve B

Date: 04:16:46 05/29/05

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>Hi Stefan,
>maybe my posting was slightly misleading, sorry. Micha "Chessguru" is just
>running a match between the R30 2.5 and the Resurrection. As of Friday there
>were two games left, I guess he will post the final results after this. And
>don't expect a clear win for one or the other...

ok good
even more suspense

i just looked on Kurt's site and there is a messgage from Steffan Ottow but it
is signed Micha??

i guess i am confused who is who
>I personally did not have time to run any tournament matches yet but I guess I
>will start soon with a match against the 68020 Program from R. Lang (London or

OF course tournament matches (40/2hrs) is all that really matters in determining
true strength
i also have not much time for this so i am playing this 5 game 30/game match
it really will determine very little but i think still the results are

Best Regards

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